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Meet 2 nominees for Worst Manager of the Year

You may have dealt with pranksters in the past, but you’ve probably never dealt with what these two managers made their employees endure. 

The next costly HR headache: Workers’ comp to double

It never ends. You’re already trying to comply with Obamacare. Then, you’ll have to deal with the DOL’s new overtime exemption rule changes. What’s next? 

Yes, kickball injury can result in workers’ comp benefits

In a not-so-surprising development (at least to those paying workers’ comp insurance premiums), the field of “things employees can’t collect workers’ comp for” continues to shrink. 

Warning: New technology makes it easier to uncover workers’ comp violations

How easy is it to spot a company failing to fund workers’ comp benefits? It can’t be too hard if just eight inspectors in Georgia were able to uncover 538 businesses without comp insurance in just three months. What’s changed?

Riding a workers’ comp claim – straight to jail!

Horseback riding and total disability benefits just don’t mix.

‘Real Housewife’ is actually workers’ comp cheat

A Laguna Hills, CA, contractor and his wife/wannabe TV celebrity are living proof that you shouldn’t mess with the workers’ compensation system.

Big sticking point in NFL lockout: Workers’ comp benefits

We’re glad to see pro football back. It seemed like the NFL’s labor lockout went on far too long. One reason for that: the disagreement about workers’ compensation benefits for players.

Is illegal immigrant entitled to comp benefits? Court decides

Due to his limited education and inability to speak English, a badly injured worker couldn’t perform light-duty work – so he filed for permanent total disability benefits.

Case of the ‘mind-bogglingly stupid’ worker: Part Deux

Remember the man who was awarded workers’ comp benefits after deciding to smoke pot and then feed a grizzly bear? Well, his employer appealed the benefits ruling, and a state supreme court issued a final decision. 

How to catch a comp cheat? Check the local strip club

It’s not what you think — comp cheats aren’t spending their extra dough at strip clubs. Apparently, they’re making a little extra cash on and off stage.