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And the award for Worst Employer of 2018 goes to …

Sure, no one’s boss is perfect, and complaining about a manager’s incompetence has always been an employee’s favorite pastime. 

Was employee fired for strange threat or taking FMLA leave?

Firing an employee around the same time they took FMLA leave is always a tricky situation, but there are some clear-cut instances where an employer can easily defend its decision. 

They did what? Surprise safety training goes horribly wrong, employer sued

Violent incidents at businesses across the U.S. have been making headlines lately, and it has a lot of employers considering how to prep their staffs for the unthinkable. But this is an example of how NOT to conduct training. 

Threat to kill is a fireable offense, right? Not so fast, court rules

If an employee makes a remark that suggests he’s thinking of killing a co-worker, firing him’s a reasonable response, correct? A court just ruled it may not be a legal one if it can be shown the firing was triggered by a disability (cue the groans from employers).

Worker punches belligerent shoplifter: Should he have been fired?

In an attempt to protect himself and his co-workers, a man slugged a customer. As a result, he was fired. While this certainly doesn’t seem fair, was it legal?

Does the NLRB think it’s OK for you to grab your crotch in front of co-workers?

Here’s a case that shows how potentially dangerous the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) agenda really is. Besides making it easier for unions to organize, it’s issuing rulings that contradict the guidance put forth by other federal agencies. 

Workplace violence: What are the odds? (INFOGRAPHIC)

A workplace shooting at a California chicken processing plant has once again brought workplace violence back to the national discussion.

Is putting worker on paid leave grounds for retaliation suit?

Federal courts haven’t exactly been clear on what qualifies as an “adverse action” on an employer’s part when it come to retaliation claims. So a recent ruling in Connecticut comes as good news.