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The real cost of bias and harassment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every HR pro knows that bias and harassment are two things companies want to avoid. Here’s a rundown of just how much those types of mistakes can cost. 

The folks over at The Network have put together a new infographic highlighting the true costs of workplace issues like bias and harassment.

The statistics tell the story:

  • Companies paid $365 million to settle harassment and discrimination cases in 2012
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission fielded nearly 100,000 charges of harassment and bias in 2012
  • One out of every four employees said they’ve experienced unfairness at work that discouraged them from recommending the company to other people
  • More than 65% of staff members have no idea what their companies’ harassment and discrimination policies are
  • The most costly types of bias: retaliation ($177 million), sex/gender ($139 million), disability ($103 million), race ($101 million) and age ($92 million), and
  • The cost to replace an employee is 100% or more of the departing worker’s salary.

Check out the full infographic with even more troubling info below:

Harassment & Discrimination: Do You Know the REAL Impact?

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