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The things employees will do for a day off …

Everyone in HR has heard some pretty wild excuses from employees about why they’ve taken days off. But wait until you hear how far this employee went for a personal day.

Police in Kingston, Ontario, were called to the scene by a man who claimed two thugs assaulted him on his way to work and tried to steal his wallet.

The man had a swollen lip and a possible broken nose, the Whig Standard reports.

After questioning him, the police began noticing holes in his story. Eventually, he broke down and told the truth: He’d punched himself in the face several times and concocted the mugging story to use as an excuse to skip work.

Police didn’t release the name of the man’s employer, but the officer who questioned him said, “I can only assume that they didn’t have a great sick plan where he works.”

In the end, the cops were kind enough to give the “victim” what he wanted. He got the day off — but he had to spend the day in jail for filing a false police report.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen an employee do for a day off? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Carol

    I used to be Human Resources in a retail store. I had a stock worker once call and tell me that he couldn’t come to work in the back room, because he couldn’t get his hair to do what he wanted it to.
    Of course I told him that he could either bring his bad hair to work or stay at home permanently, he saw it my way and came in to work.

  • K. Hamm

    When I was a restaurant manager, one of my employees called in and said his Tourettes syndrome was acting up and he thought he’d better not come in to work due to the verbalizations and so on. It didn’t show up at all in the phone call and this was the first I’d heard of it from him.

  • L. Curry

    I have 2 actual excuses to contribute: One employee called off because she had to pick up her mother in law who was being discharged from the hospital. The catch – the employee doesn’t drive. Then there was the call I received on Wednesday that an employee “had to call off” for night shift the upcoming Saturday night because she was “going to have a family emergency that night”.

  • BF

    I worked for a soft drink company which had great benefits, including a week off paid in the event a parent, spouse or child passed away. I had a gentleman call in stating his mother had passed and he brought in a copy of the funeral card. I didn’t think any more about it until I went to file the card in his employee records and found he had claimed his mother passed away twice before. All different names, he was termed shortly thereafter. Who on earth would use their mother dying as an excuse for a week’s “vacation”?????

  • RJ

    K. Hamm, that is actually a legit condition that is eligible for intermittent FMLA leave. I have an employee with that situation.

  • http://HRMorning Tina Kent

    I had a manager call in stating he could not come to work that day due to his wife broke her glasses.

  • Karen

    I had an employee text about the death of her husband’s grandmother in Missouri, we live in Ohio,
    I text back for the address of the funeral home to send flowers, she never did text me back. Decided to call husband’s employer since I knew where he worked to inquire about the funeral, and
    his employer said, “He’s on vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.” So you see, some employees will
    do just about anything to get time off. She was let go, her contract states you are to call the employer not text.

  • Richard Getz

    Why can’t people just show up to work and do their job!? I have been in retail my entire life (unfortunately) and I have called out a total of 4 times. I am 41 years of age. I have trainees calling off during their first two weeks of training.

    These same people are the first to complain when they are asked to come in due to someone else calling off LOL

  • Been there

    It called the entitlement generation!!! These people seriously beleive that they are due these extra perks and that it is ok to just call in because someone else will be there to pick up their slack.

  • Richard Getz


    It does sadden me. I was shown from a child that without work, nothing else is facilitated. In today’s times, people think businesses are there to give them a good life, as they also believe in the gov to do the same thing.

    What happens when everyone is out of $$??

  • Mel

    Don’t fret as we know the feds will ride in and save the day for us all…I think it’s time to head home soon. Just make sure you pay your taxes diligently to allow all those suffering from workitis to have ample time to recover at your expense.

  • http://burnseggs@tds,net Kim

    Employee calls in, I have to take my girl friend to the dentist, we have just recently have the same
    girlfriend come to our business wondering where her boyfriend is, she said my grandmother had a heartattack,can he go with me. well I see it as a way out of something that he doesn’t want to do.
    That’s how I see it, but my boss is always but sometimes it seems the employees have more authority because the term( I will sue the company) I really get tired of him not doing anything because than it gives our employees more control, that’s how I see it, Some employees know how to get to companys. I think different when you run a business. you can’t let people run over you.

  • Ria

    I had a situation a few months ago where an employee wanted a day off, so she called in and said she hurt herself at work the day before. We made her come in so we could file the workers’ compensation. As we investigated, we discovered she was not hurt at work. She actually faked the whole thing. When she sat down with HR, she changed her story a couple of times before finally admitting it was made up for a day off. What saved us is the video camera that watches the area she allegedly fell at. She was informed that she just committed insurance fraud, which is a felony. Then she was terminated. She also had to pay all the medical bills.

  • dhirshberg

    We had an employee that was a no show no call one day and then came in the next day and told us she just found out she was pregnant and her doctor said she was at high risk. We asked her if she was going to quit and she said no (she’s a house cleaner) that she could continue to work. She also said that she knew she was most likely going to lose the baby. About a week later, she needed to be off for a few days and we told her we needed a release for her to come back. I looked up the name of the facility on the release and they specialize in abortion. Then about a month later, she was a no show no call again. She came in the next day all upset that her ex-boyfriend came to her door early in the morning with the police and a folded piece of paper that he could take the bedroom set that belonged to him. She started getting upset and crying, etc. We then had to tell her that we called the police department and were told that no police officers came to her home on any call that morning. She then acted outraged and started shaking. She then said that she was giving notice. We accepted and asked her to complete a resignation letter. She was looking for our sympathy and we weren’t giving it to her and she got agitated and then said that she could quit right now and we accepted.

  • HR

    I had a person call in and say she couldn’t come to work because she had a sore belly button. Imagine that ! Another person called in and said his snake was sick and it was just like his own kids so he needed to stay home with the snake. And you think you hear it all !

  • SMason

    We had someone call in around noon on a Friday saying they thought it was Sat and wouldn’t be in. About a couple of months later it happened again. This time it was a Monday and she thought it was Sunday. Go figure!

  • Christine

    I have heard them all after being in the workforce over 35 years. Here are two good ones both from the same person. “I won’t be in today, the cat ate my brownies and I need to bake more,” second one was better. She called at 1 pm on a day it was snowing to ask if they had called off work. She was the only one not there and by the way we started at 7:30 am.

  • Ian

    Here’s one from someone who made the call – Many years ago I called in to work to advise my supervisor that I needed the morning off to see a dentist after cracking a tooth the night before. Well I got the OK but the reason I called in was to interview for a beter job with a competetor. Well, I am just heading out after my interview and collecting my coat and guess who walks in. Yup. My supervisor! neither one of us got that job but I did eventually beat him out for an even better one a few months later.
    Funny too, he never did say anything about my morning off. It must have been the grin on my face.

  • Kelly

    My husband had an employee call in because she had to get her cat neutered – on a Saturday!

  • Jarkataionmepa

    Fell asleep in the driveway (twice).
    Ex-boyfriend was in town
    Girlfriend wasn’t seeing them enough
    Cat ran off with car keys (missing)
    Post Trumatic Stress Snydrome from almost hitting a deer

  • http://burnseggs@tds,net Kim

    We have another situiation where one of our employees called on a sunday said He fell out of a
    tree stand as he was getting ready for hunting. This was Two weeks before opening day.
    Well it’s been a month since this has happened he called me a week ago and told me that
    it will be after November 30 before his Dr. can reevaluate him,well lets see here what do
    you think is happening here he doesn’t live very far from here, we have seen him everyday
    since opening day of deer hunting in his hunting spot. He told us he bruised his ribs, and also he
    has been seen at our football games cheering jumping up and down. Our business has
    a policy Can’t come back to work without a Drs. Slip.