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Training: Can’t afford to offer it … or can’t afford not to?

Heads up: 8 in 10 workers say they’d like to receive more training — now.

Why? Many are concerned that as the economy rebounds, competition for their jobs will get tougher, and they could get left behind.

True, training isn’t cheap. That’s the reason 48% of companies don’t currently provide ongoing education or skill training for their employees.

But with so many workers hungry to learn more, it’d be a mistake to not consider providing training in one form or another.

Here’s how to address the top concerns workers have that’ll help you make the most of your training investment:

  • Make it flexible. Try offering training year-round and at times that are flexible enough to accommodate staffers’ work schedules — or offer self-paced computer-based training.
  • Make it meaningful. People are also looking for reassurance that training and education will pay off for them in the future. With the way people’s jobs have been changing, some don’t want to spend time learning skills they won’t need when their duties shift again.
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