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Union rights poster is ready for download

That new poster everybody’s excited about hanging on the bulletin board – the one explaining employees’ rights to unionize – is finally available.

That’s right. The National Labor Relations Board, which issued a rule requiring employers to post the “notice of employee rights” last month, has finalized the wording of the 11-by-17 inch poster.

You can download it here. You can find a list of frequently asked questions about the notice here.

Employers are required to post the notice in “conspicuous places (where it can be) readily seen by employees, including all places where notices to employees … are customarily posted.” If the employer uses a company intranet to communicate with its workforce, the notice must be available there, as well.

Deadline for compliance is  Nov. 14.

The one thing that may hold up the compliance date is a lawsuit filed against the NLRB by the National Association of Manufacturers. NAM claims the Labor Board exceeded its authority by issuing a rule requiring companies to post the notice.

We’ll let you know what happens.

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