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Well, you can’t ever say being in HR isn’t interesting

When you opted to join the thrilling world of HR, these probably weren’t the situations you thought you’d be dealing with.

‘That escalated quickly’

Next time you have an employee misbehaving, just be grateful he or she didn’t act out like this Chuck E. Cheese worker.

The problems began when waitress Shardonne Pruitt allegedly took a salad plate away from a customer, claiming the patron hadn’t paid for the salad bar.

After a confrontation, Pruitt then apparently threw threw a napkin dispenser at the customers. She followed that up by stabbing a woman in the party three times.

The customer was treated and released from a hospital — and quickly filed suit, claiming negligence and seeking $50,000 in damages.

Exec sent porn to HR

HR is usually the one who cleans up after a manager or exec makes a mistake. But HR was right in the thick of things in this case.

A departing property appraiser in Tampa recently settled a wrongful termination lawsuit with a former HR director after he admitted sending her pornographic emails.

Rob Turner admitted that he sent former HR manager Carolyn Filippone multiple pornographic emails from late 2007 to early 2009. Filippone and Turner had once dated, but Turner was remarried when he sent her the emails, which contained “graphic sexual images.”

This all came to a head when Filippone was filing suit against Turner, claiming sex discrimination. After Filippone denied Turner’s advances, she claimed he took away some of her job duties and ordered her to work at a satellite office.

The wrongful termination lawsuit was settled for $135,000, and Turner admitted the emails were “personal mistakes.”

You can say that again.

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