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What were they thinking? Company put together ‘maternity projection chart’

This may be the worst workplace idea we’ve ever heard.

Bailey Stoler worked for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a health coaching and nutritional education school in New York. While there, Stoler claimed that the company treated women drastically differently from men.

How? Stoler said the firm:

  • created an evaluation form asking managers to determine each female employee’s “future plans,” including any “maternity plans”
  • created a “Maternity Projection” chart that used each female employee’s age, marital status and maternal status to determine how soon the employee was likely to have a child. No male workers were included on the chart
  • frequently demoted or fired female employees when they became engaged, married or pregnant or took FMLA leave, and
  • usually replaced fired workers with single and childless employees. Worse: Those newly hired staffers had usually been trained by the people who they replaced.

Stoler and two other women eventually filed suit against the company — and were then swiftly fired. 

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