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When employees make assumptions about documents

We’re guessing documentation is one of your favorite parts of HR — not. And government documents are often the worst.

Police in Ireland could’ve used some help with documents from Poland, specifically drivers’ licenses.

For some time, police in Ireland were tracking one of the worst drivers on its roads, a Polish citizen named Prawo Jazdy, who’d racked up dozens of speeding and parking tickets.

He was a wily guy. Every time he was arrested he gave a different address.

Oops. Turns out, Prawo Jazdy means “driver license” in Polish.

The traffic division recently admitted its officers had been mistakenly recording Prawo Jazdy as the license holder’s name, according to The Irish Times.

After they figured that out, they went back through their records to see how many times the mistake was made. It happened more than 50 times.

A simple Polish-English dictionary would have solved the mystery.

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