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Which age group represents the fastest growing number of online job hunters?

What’s the age of the fastest growing segment of people who register with online job sites? Hint: The Internet is getting grayer.

According to the Nielsen Co., in the last year, the percentage increase of job seekers 65 and older rocketed past all other age groups.

Here’s the full breakdown:

Age Group          No. in Jan. ’08                 No. in Jan. ’09                 % increase

18-24                    1.77 million                 2.03 million                             15

25-34                     7.47                              8.37                                  12

35-54                     15.8                              18.7                                  19

55-64                      8.8                               10.2                                  16

65+                         2.5                                3.6                                   41

Why the change?  Besides the fact that the Internet is spreading to all generations, a lot of seniors are looking to get back into the job market — maybe to replenish dwindling nest eggs — and they realize the Web is the way to go.

So employers looking to hire retirees full- or part-time can be fairly certain they’ll find what they’re looking for on online job sites.

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  • WOW – those stats are exactly what is being shown for the “gray community” all the way around – using the internet in general – using social networking sites – researching the web for making buying decisions – researching the web to find support and resources for their needs.

    Very large – growing demographic and one to be reckoned with. Thanks for this info.