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Why these sources are great for referrals

Using a referral program to find new hires is nothing new. But many companies don’t take full advantage of that strategy.

The common approach: Ask current employees whom they know that might be interested in a job.

It works, but companies can also get valuable leads by asking former employees and new hires, says hiring consultant Mel Kleiman.

Think about it: The people who’ve been with your company for a while likely don’t have as wide a network of folks outside the organization as newbies and alumni.

New hires may know colleagues at their previous employer who are also looking for a new place to work.

Your company’s alumni may know some good people, too. Keep in contact with them — you may even be able to bring some of the former employees back.

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  1. Sam:

    Thanks for the nice plug. As good as referrals are they are really the second best source of great applicants. The first and most over looked one is all of the great people who have ever worked for your company and left. !. Stay in touch with great employees who leave. 2. If you ever get calls from someone looking for a reference on a great employee who has left you call them and see if you can get them to comeback. Do not give you great ex employees to your competition.

    Last point when ever you get a referral there is always one question you want to ask the referring party and the question is. ( If you would like to know what it is you have to send me a note at

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