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Why you should be investing more time and money in recruiting

There’s no doubt that talented employees are the backbone of any company. But a lot of businesses don’t seem to make having experienced recruiters a top priority. 

Evil HR Lady Suzanne Lucas breaks down why companies are making a mistake by not having their top talent find new top talent.

Entry-level recruiters

Lucas notes that many recruiter job postings seek entry-level candidates. These beginner positions also come with a lower salary (typically $12-$16 an hour).

The problem with hiring inexperienced recruiters is that they can’t possibly understand the ins and outs of the company, Lucas says. If your recruiter doesn’t have a firm grasp on the job functions or the business, how can they effectively find candidates?

It’s also widely known that recruiters can sometimes be ineffective. Many job-seekers are advised to go straight to the hiring manager about a position, making the recruiter obsolete. Lucas asks: Why do we have a staff member that’s so inadequate candidates need to go around them?

Recruiters can make or break company

It’s important to remember that recruiters have the power to do a lot of good, or a lot of damage, Lucas says. They are in charge of background checks, drug screenings, the onboarding process, etc. A rushed background check could result in passing on a good candidate, or hiring the wrong one. Not to mention, a mistake in these delicate processes could destroy the relationship with a candidate.

The way a recruiter treats job applicants is crucial, too. Lena Smith, HR manager of Print NW, explains why:

“Sometimes people forget that in recruiting and hiring people, you are messing with those people’s lives. When these people are just a stack of resumes … some people forget the human as snap decisions are made.”

Lucas adds that a good recruiter won’t string candidates along or fail to inform them they did not get the job. Just because you don’t need a certain candidate now, doesn’t mean you won’t have a position for them later. An experienced recruiter will treat candidates with respect and not damage the professional relationship.

Worth the investment

Recruiters find talent and shape the company. They also affect the business’s reputation. Recruiters speak to more outside people than most employees. Selecting wrong talent or giving a bad impression to job applicants can really damage the company as a whole. Lucas says it’s time to start raising the pay and experience requirements for one of the most important, yet overlooked, jobs.

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