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Will you wear short shorts for a good cause?

Innocent question or sexual harassment? Find out how the court ruled in a case that took some of the fun out of fundraising.

A Virginia Polytechnic Institute coach asked a co-worker if she’d pose in a swimsuit or short shorts for a promotional calendar that would benefit a nonprofit youth boxing organization.

The coach assured the female co-worker that the photos would be “in good taste,” but the woman refused to be photographed – and promptly filed a sexual harassment complaint against the would-be photographer, who got fired.

The coach argued he didn’t violate the policy because he didn’t make a sexual advance, request a sexual favor or engage in any other sexual conduct. He took his case to court.

The court agreed with him, saying the request may be considered annoying and inappropriate, but it wasn’t sexual harassment.

Given the fact that this is HR Blunders’ second story in less than a month regarding these pin-up calendars for fundraising, you have to wonder whether they’re worth it because of all the fuss.

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