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Writing a social network policy? Read some examples

Here are some examples of employers’ policies you can read when you’re deciding what, if anything, to include in a policy about employees’ use of Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

Corporate compliance and ethics expert Doug Cornelius has collected 144 examples of employers’ social networking policies. You can read them here.

The sample policies range in length and level of detail from the Red Cross’s large list of tips on how employees can blog for the good of the organization to the Shepherd Law Group’s two-word suggestion (“Be professional.”).

With many employers tackling the issue of social networking in the workplace, it could help to check out what other firms are doing.

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  • I’m glad you found the collection useful. Feel free to let me know if you encounter a policy that is not in there and I will add it.

    (It looks like you got my name wrong in your post.)