3 tactics to let employees know it's OK to use flex time

Schedule flexibility is a great benefit that a lot of companies are offering. Many employees now have the opportunity to work from home or leave early to pick up their kids. 
The only problem? A lot of workers feel like they can’t actually use this benefit.

Changing the culture

A recent study revealed that 40% of employees believe it’ll hurt their career if they take advantage of workplace flexibility benefits.
Obviously, flex time doesn’t help if no one’s using it. But, there are ways you can nudge employees in the right direction.
TLNT contributor Meshanda King shared three ways companies can start encouraging their workers to embrace flexibility:
1. Leave loudly. One of the best ways to remove the stigma around flex time is to lead by example. Have managers start announcing that they’re leaving early for an appointment or errand. When employees see leaders taking advantage of flexibility, they’ll know it’s OK for them to do the same.
2. Set job expectations. Many employees overwork themselves because they want to get management’s attention, or they think they’re the only ones who can get something done. It’s important to clearly explain exactly what’s expected from these workers. Once they know their exact assignments, they’ll know when they can take some time away.
3. Promote company-wide flexibility. Employees might be under the impression flex time is just for working parents, but everyone needs a healthy work-life balance. Write up clear policies about how flex time can be used, and promote them so employees know this arrangement applies to everyone.

Rachel Mucha
Rachel writes about Human Resource management and has been a member of the HRMorning staff since 2017. She is a graduate of Ithaca College.