5 tips for search-friendly job descriptions

Whenever you post a job ad, you want to make sure you reach as many candidates as possible — not just the ones who go to that particular Web site. Here’s how you can get those ads to appear high on candidates’ search engine results:

  1. Use as many keywords as possible. There’s a tool from Google that lets you plug in a word and get a list of related terms that users search for. Also, read ads for similar positions to get ideas of what keywords to include.
  2. Include variations in the job title. For example, candidates may search for “registered nurse jobs” or “RN jobs” — so the title you use should be “Registered nurse (RN).”
  3. Be specific. If you want someone with specific experience, use specific keywords — for example, “pharmaceutical sales representative.”
  4. Don’t try to use a fancy hook for the job title. The title of the job is prioritized by search engines, so it should be something a candidate would actually search for. “Copywriter” will get better results than something like “Looking for great writers!”
  5. Include the job type if it’s not a full-time, long-term position (for example, “part-time,” “temporary” or “contract”).

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