6 add-ons any onboarding program would benefit from

Finding talent — like really great talent — is hard. Great employees don’t come around every day. So when they do, are you 100% sure your onboarding program is making a great first impression with them? If not, you’re in trouble. 
Roughly one-third (31%) of the U.S. workforce has quit a job after less than six months, according to recent research.
One of the main culprits? Poor onboarding. Some employees were just never able to settle in — and it’s not always their fault.
Onboardia, an onboarding solutions provider, suggests some organizations are setting themselves up to fail by implementing a sub-par onboarding program — or having no such program at all (32% of surveyed employers said they have no formal onboarding program).
Some other interesting data compiled by Onboardia:

  • 91% of managers said they believe their organization does not handle onboarding well
  • 81% of HR administrators said the same, and
  • 75% of employers admitted that too.


So how can employers fix things? Onboardia created an inforgraphic (see below) with some helpful suggestions.
It offered up six says employers can improve how they bring new talent on board to spark comfort, loyalty and job satisfaction:

  1. Make the process paperless (80%) of HR pros say the majority of new hire paperwork is completed in person (Note: By making it paperless employers can not only make filling it out easier, but also send it to employees prior to their first day — and get it out of the way early).
  2. Get the boss to throw his/her support behind the efforts (89% of employees said their boss’ support for their development was important).
  3. Give new employees a mentor or buddy during the process (56% of employees said they’d embrace this).
  4. Make sure the training employees receive is customized to their job functions (48% of employees said this is important to them, and 36% said the training they have received wasn’t relevant to their job or career path).
  5. Train employees the first week (76% said they want on-the-job training right away).
  6. Review company policies (73% of new employees said they want this).

For more findings on companies’ onboarding processes, see Onboardia’s infographic below.
Source: Onboardia