Exactly how motivated, engaged is your staff? A quick quiz

Employee engagement is the key to improved profits, employee morale and retention. There’s just one problem: The vast majority of employees say they aren’t engaged at work. Is that reflective of what’s happening at your company? 
Gallup thinks it’s likely. It’s constantly interviewing U.S. workers on a number of topics — including engagement. And in its latest report, Gallup says just 32% of workers were engaged in their jobs in September — a figure that hasn’t wavered much since 2012.

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To find out if this is indicative of what’s happening at your place of business, you don’t need to conduct some extensive poll of your workers.
Their actions speak louder than anything else ever could.
What behaviors are you seeing from workers? Take this fun, quick and unique survey from our friends at ResourcefulManager.com, and you’ll learn just how motivated and engaged your staff is.
All you need is one minute and your observations of employee behavior to find out if you’ve got a problem brewing.

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Did the survey reveal there’s some room for improvement with your workforce?
In that case, check out some of the strategies we’ve shared recently for improving employee engagement and motivation.