The most bizarre interview we've ever heard about

This idiotic candidate broke three basic rules of job interviewing: 1) Don’t show up drunk, 2) don’t get angry when you’re asked questions, and 3) don’t assault the boss. And those weren’t even the dumbest things he did.

Meet Jose Lopez. He arrived at 207 South Sunshine Avenue in El Cajon, CA, which sits just outside of San Diego, for a job interview.
Then, according to NBC San Diego, the business owner (his name and the business name weren’t reported) could smell that Lopez had been drinking.
The boss then questioned Lopez about his drinking, and that’s when things took a turn.
Lopez got upset about the boss’ prodding, according to an El Cajon police report, and a fight broke out.
Eventually, the boss got the upper hand and put Lopez in a headlock — the whole event sounds more like a professional wrestling match than a job interview.
Clearly unhappy the fight wasn’t going his way, Lopez resorted to some dirty tactics. He stabbed the boss in the arm.
And in what appears to be an attempt to pay homage to the new Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels flick, this is where Lopez went from dumb to dumber.
Lopez fled the scene, as if he could get away with the stab-and-run. And he might have been able to, if it wasn’t for what he left behind: his job application, which contained his personal info.
Now armed with his name and address, it didn’t take long for El Cajon authorities to track him down.
Where was this savant hiding, you ask? At home.
Lopez was quickly booked into Sand Diego County Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, according to NBC.
The boss was taken to a local hospital with a minor stab wound.
There’s been no word yet on whether Lopez got the job. But we’ll keep you posted.
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