Top recruiting skills HR pros must develop today: How many do you have?

Here are some questions HR professionals, who handle talent acquisition for their companies, should be able to answer with an affirmative “Yes!” 
The following list was developed by the editorial team at HR Morning using insights from Manila Recruitment, a firm specializing in headhunting, executive search, expert and technical and IT recruitment.

  • Do you have a mind for analyzing data?
  • Can you identify potential talent and engage with those individuals before a job even becomes available?
  • Can you use the latest social media tools to find and develop relationships with potential job candidates?
  • Do you know how your company brand looks to job seekers and take steps to improve that brand image?
  • Are your recruiting processes and practices optimized to appeal to today’s mobile audiences?
  • Can you adopt and adapt to the latest technologies?
  • Are you a master negotiator?

All of these questions sync up with the seven skills Manila Recruiting’s experts identified as must-haves in today’s marketplace for employers looking to compete for top talent.
Those seven skills are outlined on the following infographic:

Source: Manila Recruitment