Human Resources News & Insights

Court: No-beard policy violates religious bias law

Can an employer require its employees to be clean shaven if workers wear facial hair for religious reasons? The situation gets even more complicated when workplace safety is involved.

Another contest to get a job

Is this a trend? Another company has asked potential employees to enter a contest to get a dream job.

Employees & Facebook: OK to fire for personal posts?

We can all probably agree on this: Criticizing your employer on the Web is a stupid thing to do. But what should the punishment be?

Everybody knew his name, but he still got laid off

Is no one safe from the harsh realities of today’s economy?

13 most annoying people to work with

Which type of employees drive their co-workers to complain to you? Maybe you’ll recognize one of your employees on this list.

Was it spoiled ice cream or age discrimination that got worker fired?

The Wisconsin Equal Rights Division is looking into the firing of a University of Wisconsin-Madison employee who claims her dismissal is a case of age and gender discrimination. The university says she was fired because of outdated ice cream.

Worker fired for drinking is reinstated because of printer malfunction

You’ve probably had to repeat this HR mantra to managers and supervisors many times: Document, document, document. Here’s yet another example of what can go wrong when documentation is missing.

She was fired for singing on the job

A woman has won six months’ wages as compensation after her Italian employer fired her for singing on the job, according to her union.

Promotion denied because he was fat — or did 14 lawsuits factor in?

Studies have shown some managers have a bias against those employees who are overweight. So you might think a former police sergeant could have a case against his former department when he says he was denied promotions because he was considered too fat. But there’s more to the story.

Joe the Plumber meet Barbara the Cashier

A public outcry has developed over a supermarket cashier in Germany who was fired for stealing 1.30 euros ($1.65) of bottle deposit money. And just like Joe the Plumber in last year’s U.S. Presidential campaign, Barbara the Cashier is figuring into Germany’s upcoming elections.