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Jim Giuliano - HR Morning Editor

Jim Giuliano, Editor of Hr Morning, has written and edited a number of online publications, including HR News Update and the blog “The Angry HR Executive.” Prior to those ventures, he was the communications director and editor for, an Internet shopping and membership site, and contributing editor to, a Web site specializing in sporting goods and apparel.
He also has extensive experience in offline HR-related products, having served as managing editor for “What’s Working in Human Resouces” and “Supervisors Legal Update” and as a contributing editor on employment law for the Center for Education and Employment Law.
Besides concentrating on HR, he writes a weekly newspaper column for the West Chester (Pa.) Daily Local News, and received the Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers Association First Place Award for his work on the column.

Early-warning signal that the labor market’s getting tighter

When an industry that’s been in a prolonged slump starts reporting increased need for workers, you know something’s up.  

ADA: Court clarifies tricky rule on hiring someone ‘in recovery’

Companies that do drug testing of applicants or are thinking about it will want to make note of this one.

Getting more from your health insurer than just a bigger bill

New research shows there are extras you can get from your health insurer. You just have to know what to ask for.

Did you hear the one about the woman who puked at her interview …

… And still managed to get the job?

Answers to tricky HR questions: Can ADA accommodation lead to comp claim?

Our team of experts fields real-life, everyday questions from HR managers and gives practical answers that can be applied by any HR pro in the same situation. Today’s question: How can we protect ourselves against a workers comp claim when offering an ADA accommodation?

Who won this case: Fired over complaining about safety?

In a real-life case, worker complains about a supposed safety violation, and shortly afterwards, he’s fired for poor peformance. He sues, claiming retaliation. Read the dramatized version of the case, and see if you can determine who won.

Immigration reform: Congress considers worker ID cards

Under consideration by Congress: one more crack at immigration reform — and one more piece of documentation for you to keep track of.

Relo reimbursement shrinks with the economy

If your company offers to pay the relocation expenses for out-of-town hires, you probably have a recruiting edge on the competition.

What’s a discrimination suit cost an employer?

Here’s a way to kick off your next talk to supervisors about avoiding discrimination charges.

Surprise recession byproduct: More employee loyalty (for some)

Recent research shows you and your company have a once-in-decade chance to build the type of worker loyalty that employers dream of.