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7 must-haves for defensible documentation

You know how important clear and thorough documentation is. But your managers may be another story. 

Why, how and when you must grant ADA leave

A new compliance nightmare is driving employers batty: administering leave as an accommodation under the ADA. It’s not hard to slip up and put yourself right in the crosshairs of your employees’ attorneys. 

Is it time to stop looking for candidates who’d be a ‘cultural fit’?

Employers spend a lot of time looking for candidates that are a match with the company’s culture. But is that mentality shielding them from the best available talent? 

Is a candidate’s commute too long to hire them? 4 red flags

You probably know that hiring a worker with a long commute can be a risk — but you may not realize just how badly a commute can impact retention. 

Avoid legal pitfalls: 8 quick performance review do’s and don’ts

“It’s the best time of the year — time for performance reviews!” said no one, ever. Both managers and employees get anxious when annual reviews come around. But managers may have it worse. 

8 tales of cringeworthy internships

It’s summer, which means you probably have some fresh-faced interns around your office. Sadly, not all internships deliver a rich experience, as some Redditors can tell you.

Hiring disabled workers is good for the bottom line, too

Many companies already try to hire a variety of employees, like those with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). But in case you need another reason to do so, a study says hiring qualified workers who have an IDD can be good for the bottom line. 

The key to keep younger workers from jumping ship

What can companies do to get their young workers to stick around longer? Give them more feedback. A new study highlights just how much feedback you should be giving these workers.

3 best practices to keep telecommuting programs productive

More employees want the option to work remotely from home, but telecommuting can bring up hurdles companies have to plan for. 

Boss’ girlfriend gets extra perks and pay: Is that legal?

Favoritism is rampant in the business world. But is it legal in your workplace?