Human Resources News & Insights

Time running out to make Social Security adjustments

Employers that weren’t able to implement the 4.2% Social Security tax rate at the beginning of this year have only a couple days left to make adjustments.

Daylight Saving: Look at more than your clock

When we “spring ahead” on March 13 and turn the clocks forward one hour, check your smoke detector batteries – and whether you’ve paid night shift employees correctly.

Amended return processing back on track

Employers that were worried about receiving potential penalty notices because of a backlog processing Form 941-X, Adjusted Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund, can rest easier.

New payroll deadline just days away

As if you didn’t have enough to do getting W-2s out to employees — a new law has given you another Jan. 31 deadline.

New tax law means bigger paychecks in ’11

A new law officially extends the holiday season — all year — by reducing the amount of Social Security taxes people will pay next year.

Where are the 2011 tax tables?

One of Payroll professionals’ biggest holiday wishes may come true as early as next week.

Pension plan limits stuck since 2009

Some employees will likely be unhappy they can’t sock away more in 2011 for retirement than they did this year – at least not through payroll deductions.

2011 taxable wage base news is mixed bag

Here’s some good news to share with your higher-ups that’ll likely upset retirees.

Employers get reprieve on healthcare reporting

There’s one less reporting burden Payroll will have at year-end – at least temporarily.

Workers love this no-cost fringe benefit

Investing five minutes of your time could help your employees cut down their income taxes — and expand your fringe benefit offerings.