Lynn Cavanaugh

Are you ready for intern season?

It’s almost intern season – when college students are out for the summer and look to build their resume. You’ll recall that last year, the DOL dropped its strict “six-factor test” for determining whether an intern qualifies as an employee entitled to at least minimum wage and overtime pay, under the FLSA. Under this test, […]

HR debate: What’s the right way to fire someone?

No one wants to hear “You’re fired.” This was even more evident in February, when a worker who’d just been let go killed five co-workers at a factory in Aurora, IL. Of course, this situation is rare, but the incident has prompted HR pros to re-evaluate their policies as reported in The Wall Street Journal. Is […]

Performance-based pay: Is it affecting your workers’ mental health?

Performance-based pay is likely the most common feature of the compensation structures of U.S. companies, experts say. And guess what? It’s also likely to be affecting your workers’ mental health. When employers transitioned to a pay-for-performance compensation plan (based on bonuses, commissions, profit-sharing, etc.), workers showed an increased use of anxiety and depression medications: 5.7% […]

workers' mental health

Starting a cross-training program

As the job market tightens, many companies turn to formal cross-training programs to make sure they’re operating at top efficiency. Since not all workers will be excited about learning a new set of skills, the steps taken to prepare employees for a cross-training program go a long way toward making sure it’s a success. Here […]

Starting a successful cross-training program