Video Recruiting eBook: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need

It doesn’t matter how great a company is if its hiring process is terrible. Overtime, the talent pool will shrink and only less desirable candidates will apply. Luckily, there’s a simple tool that can improve any company’s candidate experience: video technology. By incorporating video in the recruiting process you can reach, attract, and hire the […]

The Importance of Developmental Screening for HR & Benefits Directors

Health screenings play a vital role in workplace core benefits, but do you know the latest type of screening employers are adopting? With 30% of employees having children, many employers now realize the advantages of adding child development screenings. Companies who have embraced developmental screenings are seeing reduced health care costs, reduced absenteeism and increased […]

The HR Professional's Candidate Experience Playbook

Think about your company and your brand. Now think about your recruiting process. Does your recruiting process reflect your company’s brand? If your CEO went through your recruiting process, what would he or she say? 200,000 candidates told us what works and what doesn’t. How does your company stack up? This playbook gives you actionable […]

Buyer's Guide for Simplifying HR and Payroll

Are you no longer sure your current HR and payroll provider is the right partner? Maybe you already have a payroll solution, but are hesitant about how well it fits. Download this guide to learn how to address your various HR and payroll issues with a more simple solution. Learn more! 

7 Ways to Make the Most of Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new employees can be a difficult task. Between orientation and the hand-off to the hiring team, there are a lot of touch points to make an impression and define success. In this guide, here are seven tips to help you make the most of your new employee onboarding process. Learn more! 

How to Conquer Your First Talent Management Purchase

Instead of taking a “shop ‘till you drop” approach, check out this how-to guide for successfully finding the right talent management tools to truly implement your company’s vision! It’s a fact: when companies employ newer talent management tools, they see reduced hiring times and higher retention rates. But what features, tool, and apps should you […]