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Tim Gould

Tim Gould, Editor of HRMorning, has served as Editor-in-Chief of the biweekly newsletter What’s Working in Human Resources for the past five years. He’s also been Managing Editor of another newsletter, What’s Working in Benefits and Compensation, and is a regular contributor to
A native of Chicago, Gould had a lengthy career in newspapers, PR and advertising in both the Midwest and Northeast before joining Progressive Business Publications in 2002.
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Total compensation statements: Don’t overlook their morale-building value

Employers across the country indirectly increased employees’ compensation recently, and in many companies, it seemed like nobody noticed. Why? Because management was guilty of a big oversight. 

It never ends: Another astonishing list of the ways job seekers submarine interviews

As nobody knows better than an HR pro, there are about a zillion ways to screw up a job interview. And it appears CareerBuilder knows them all.  

Risky business: Pay discrimination case costs federal contractor $1.2M

Seems like LexisNexis Risk Solutions should have known what was at stake when it paid female employees substantially less than their male counterparts for work on federal contracts.  

EEOC asks for input on workplace harassment enforcement standards

Just how do you define workplace harassment? The EEOC has taken its best shot.  

Refusing a flu shot permissible under religious exemption, court rules

Protection from religious bias casts a wide net under federal law — all the way to whether or not a healthcare facility can require employees to receive a flu shot.  

Gender bias in promotion decision costs healthcare firm a cool $125k

Here’s another reminder that a woman’s pregnancy can’t be used against her in any employment situation — including promotion decisions. 

Restaurant owner sentenced to two years in jail for wage theft

The stakes for violating wage and hour laws in California just got raised. In a landmark decision, a San Diego restaurant owner was sentenced to two years in jail for wage theft and labor violations. 

Why organizations need a program to promote peer recognition in the workplace

Well, whaddya know? It is actually better to give than to receive.  

The most twisted list of holiday party fouls you’ll read this year

OK. It’s time for the annual holiday party no-no story — the one where we run down all the bad things that might get employers in legal trouble during a get-together that’s supposed to celebrate the season and raise morale. Except, we’re going to turn the entire concept on its head.

‘Attendance point’ policy costs employer $1.7M

It starts out as a simple challenge: Companies need a way to track employee attendance.