Just in the nick of time: Company health fair saves worker's life

Next time you’re trying to jump-start participation for a wellness initiative, just share this story with your employees.
Metcom employee James Qualls thought he was completely healthy prior to participating in the wellness health fair his employer offered.
Thankfully for Qualls, he didn’t do what millions of Americans in the same position as himself do every year: Skip out on the wellness initiatives their employers’ sponsor, writing them off as a waste of time, energy, etc.
The results of a test Qualls took at the fair lead to him being diagnosed with prostate cancer.
If he hadn’t received attention right away, there’s a good chance the cancer would’ve cost Qualls his life, according to a report in the Herald-Citizen of Cookeville, TN.
The test indicated he had an elevated prostate-specific antigen. So Qualls was prompted by a healthcare professional working at the fair to go see his doctor.
Shortly after taking the advice, he was undergoing surgery and 30 rounds of radiation treatments.
But it was all worth it. Qualls is now two years removed from his battle with cancer.