Conflict resolution: Revenge may feel sweet, but simply walking away is more effective, according to new study

Calling out a lazy co-worker may seem like the right thing to do for some employees. But Harvard researchers say, “Just walk away.”
“Hey, lazy bones! How about pulling your weight around here for once?”
An employee, frustrated with a co-worker, may find momentary satisfaction is confronting the other person.
But something a number of moms tell their kids is actually the right way to go, according to Harvard research.
If someone is frustrating you, just walk away.
The Harvard research confirms what many have thought: Confrontation escalates the situation and often makes it worse.
Researcher David Rand gives this scenario: An employee has to complete a project with another person who isn’t contributing as much as they should. While there’s a temptation to confront the person aggressively, Rand says you should just stop covering for the other person. Don’t do his or her work for them.
OK, so that stops the situation from escalating. But what do we do to replace that momentary feeling of satisfaction when you call out a lazy co-worker?
HRB sees a new market for voodoo dolls.

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