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Hiring disabled workers is good for the bottom line, too

Many companies already try to hire a variety of employees, like those with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). But in case you need another reason to do so, a study says hiring qualified workers who have an IDD can be good for the bottom line. 

Hard-working, engaged

That’s one of the key points from new research released by the Institute for Corporate Productivity, a company that analyzes high-performing companies’ practices and policies. (Download the report here.)

Even though the companies studied were skeptical about workers who had an IDD at first, many ended up benefiting greatly from doing so.

For example, researchers found:

  • over 75% of companies rated qualified employees who had an IDD as “good” or “very good” in terms of attendance, productivity, motivation, work quality, engagement and integration with co-workers
  • 80% of companies had positive experiences with those employees, and
  • about a third of companies said their experiences with those workers exceeded expectations.

Even better: Researchers say hiring qualified candidates who have an IDD promotes a culture of inclusion, which can attract top talent, lead to better sales, boost customer retention and build a more positive company image.

It’s important to note, however, that the data shows hiring employees who have an IDD just to say you’ve done so typically doesn’t result in those desired effects.

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