INFOGRAPHIC: Employee engagement — what it is and isn't

Employee engagement is like the great white whale of HR — everyone knows what it looks like, but not many people know how to foster it in staff members.
Here’s some new info on what’s needed for employees to be engaged and how companies can go about obtaining it.
The new information comes via an infographic courtesy of global business services company Ceridian.
It includes the three main factors of engagement, the three elements needed for engagement, what engagement is not and the overall benefits of an engaged workforce. Check it out below.
In addition, Ceridian’s chief HR officer Sara Hill added the three things she considers most important for engagement in a supplemental Q&A. Her three factors include:

  • Build trust. Managers and execs must follow through on their promises at every level.
  • Meet baseline needs. As much as HR might not want to admit it, a competitive compensation package is crucial for employees and necessary before a company can drive discretionary performance.
  • Speak with staff. Why do people stay with your company? Speak with staff about those hard-to-define reasons and figure out what makes people proud to say they work for your organization.