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Lighter Side: CEO’s rules for private jet include mandatory flip-flops, dog seating charts

Some supervisors can be hard to work for. But employees on the private jet of Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Michael Jeffries had to abide by some seriously strange rules.

Jeffries’ private staff were required to abide by a 40-page manual of instructions which was recently made public in an age bias lawsuit.

Some of the more inane requirements:

  • Black gloves were to be worn when handling silverware and white gloves worn when laying the table
  • Coats were only to be worn when it was 50 degrees or lower,
  • Flip-flops were to be worn when meeting passengers and while in flight
  • The song “Take Me Home” was to be played when people entered the plane for return flights
  • Jeffries’ dogs had different seating arrangements depending on which ones were traveling, and
  • When Jeffries makes a request of a staff member, the employee should respond with, “No problem” instead of “Sure” or “Just a minute.”
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