Lighter side: Employee pays back stolen money … by stealing again

Another example of why background checks can never be too thorough:
A woman was recently arrested for stealing from her employer — and using the money to pay back an employer she’d stolen from previously.
Got that? Here are the details:
Kathy Foer-Morse worked as a paralegal for a law firm in Norristown, Pennsylvania. She was recently fired, arrested and charged with stealing $100,937 from the firm. Allegedly, she’d been writing herself fraudulent checks from estate accounts the firm managed, the Pottstown Mercury reports.
Police said Foer-Morse was sending the money to her previous employer, a law firm in New York City. She owed them restitution after she was caught stealing $285,000 while she worked there.
No word on whether the firm knew about her past when it hired her, but we’re guessing she found a way to hide it from them.

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