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Man gets friend to shoot him to avoid workplace drug test

Ever since the dawn of “work,” employees have done a lot of things to keep from reporting to their jobs. This one is extreme.

A bit of HR history: Soon after a workplace became the first to institute employee drug testing, an employee at that company created the first excuse to avoid being tested.

And since then, workers have come up with tons of ideas on avoiding or getting around the tests – anything from calling in sick to purchasing one of those products that promises to “cleanse” your system.

File this one under extreme excuses: I can’t come in to work today to take my drug test because I’ve been shot.

The employee in this case wasn’t lying. He really was shot. In fact, he asked a friend to shoot him so he didn’t have to report to work.

Daniel Kuch of Pasco, Washington, told police he’d been the victim of a drive-by shooting while jogging, according to wire service reports.

Later, Kuch fessed up to purposely getting shot in the shoulder to miss work.

Kuch is expected to be charged with false reporting; his friend faces reckless endangerment charges.

Police won’t say where Pasco worked. May not matter because he probably doesn’t have a job anymore.

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