2 free tools worth incorporating into your wellness program

Scientific research and psychology have revealed that the best way to achieve a big goal (like losing weight) is to break it down into small steps — and that’s where these tools come in handy:
Health Txts and text4baby are free online text messaging services designed to help people achieve their fitness goals by sending them little inspirational messages and tips. Each would make a great addition to any employer wellness program.
Why use text messages?
Texts are personal, can be saved for future reference and are already a big part of many peoples’ daily routines — so it won’t take any time for your employees to warm up to them.
Sure, e-mail is a great medium for sending and receiving health updates, but e-mail messages are easily lost or ignored in the inbox.
Text messages, on the other hand, are almost always viewed. Think about it: When was the last time you ignored a text sent straight to your cell phone?
Another reason texts are so popular: People know they’re short and to the point.
And that’s the beauty of these two services — they send personalized, short, relevant health notes and tips directly to where your employees are almost guaranteed to read them.
Breaking the services down
Some specifics on the two services:

  • Health Txts — sends self-improvement text messages that recipients can either write themselves or have sent to them from Health Txts’ library. Recipients can select a category (like “Quit Smoking”) and how many texts they’d like to receive per day. A smoking cessation sample message: “Cravings will pass — strokes and heart attacks do not.”
  • text4baby — sends messages every week to help soon-to-be parents through pregnancy and the first year of child care. Each message has been reviewed by U.S. government health agencies — and the info and advice offered is personalized based on the due date the user enters upon signing up.

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