Are you keeping score of managers' hiring skills?

Surveys of HR pros say many hiring missteps are the result of poor interviewing and decision making skills on the part of hiring managers. One way to increase the odds of success:
Give everyone involved in the hiring process an assessment based on the quality of the people they help hire.
That’s what former General Electric CEO Jack Welch recommends in a recent Business Week article.
For example, say candidates are interviewed by two employees plus the hiring manager. Make a note of who votes “yes” and “no” for each applicant.
Then, once new hires are reviewed, look at which interviews recommended hiring the successful employees, and who pushed for the duds.
The benefit is two-fold, Welch says: First, you get to see who has the best track records for choosing candidates. Second, it will encourage those who helped make the decision to help the new employee become successful.