How to catch a comp cheat? Check the local strip club

It’s not what you think — comp cheats aren’t spending their extra dough at strip clubs. Apparently, they’re making a little extra cash on and off stage.
It appears as though one of the best places to find a workers’ compensation cheat is at the local strip clubs.
Consider the evidence:

  • A Quakertown, PA, woman was arrested and charged with two counts of insurance fraud and theft by deception after an investigation found her working as a stripper at a local gentleman’s club while receiving workers’ comp for a back injury. She had received nearly $23,000 in comp and more than $4,000 in medical expenses after she’d claimed to have been injured in a fall while working as a waitress at a family restaurant.
  • A Frankfort, NY, man was found working as a DJ for a strip club while collecting benefits for an accident he sustained as a painter 23 years ago. He had even denied in three written statements to the New York State Insurance Fund that he had returned to work. He was arrested on felony charges of third-degree insurance fraud and fraudulent practices after bilking more than $46,000 from the system.
  • An Islip, NY, man has been charged with insurance fraud after police found him working as a bouncer at an all-nude club while collecting worker’s compensation payments. Officials claim he defrauded the town of Islip, where he used to work as a mechanic, out of more than $17,000.