No. 1 thing job seekers covet from employers

Another survey has shown that while compensation is important, it’s definitely not the No. 1 thing they look for in an employer – not by a long shot.
That honor goes to “caring.”
Workers want their employer to be a company “that truly cares about the well-being of its employees.” The vast majority (87%) of respondents to a new survey said that’s the main thing they look for in a future employer.
The survey was conducted by and Unum, an employee benefits provider, and polled 468 job seekers.
A high salary was rated tops by only 66% of respondents. And bonuses were rated “very important” by just over 50% of respondents.
What else beat out pay?
How many other employer/job attributes beat out compensation? Three:

  • Challenging/fulfilling work (84%)
  • Job security (82%), and
  • An attractive benefits package (74%)

Of course, it’s probably safe to assume these job seekers also expect to earn a wage they can live on.