Quiz: Match the cool benefit to the company that provides it

GOOD Magazine recently published a list entitled “The Top 20 Perks That Make Jobs Better.” Here, we’ve picked out our favorite benefits from that list. Now see if you can guess which of the following companies provided them.
Match the benefit to the company you think provided it. Then check your response against the answer key below.

  1. Forty percent of the workforce at this famous information technology company has no official office.
  2. If an employee at this consulting firm adopts a child, he or she could be reimbursed for up to $5,000 for adoption expenses.
  3. This famous e-tailer uses parades and pajama parties to boost employee morale.
  4. Spouses, children and parents of employees of this company — as well as the employees themselves — can travel for free.
  5. This designer of outdoor clothing gear lets workers take paid time off to intern at the environmental non-profit of their choice.
  6. This apparel company encourages workers to make time for surf sessions during their workdays.
  7. Because raising a newborn leaves little time for cooking, this Internet giant offers new parents $500 in reimbursements for take-out food.
  8. Employees at this technology corporation are eligible for eight weeks of fully-paid sabbatical after seven years of full-time work.
  9. This subscription-based company offers its employees unlimited vacation days, as long as they get their work done.
  10. This specialty chain offers its workers a retirement plan that automatically pays an amount equal to more than 15% of a worker’s annual income into the plan — and the employee doesn’t even have to contribute a penny to receive that contribution.

Companies to choose from

  • Google
  • Intel
  • IBM
  • Quiksilver
  • Deloitte
  • Patagonia
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Netflix
  • Zappos


  1. IBM
  2. Deloitte
  3. Zappos
  4. Southwest Airlines
  5. Patagonia
  6. Quiksilver
  7. Google
  8. Intel
  9. Netflix
  10. Trader Joe’s

Adapted fromThe Top 20 Perks That Make Jobs Better,” GOOD, 10/12/10.