Small business spearheading jobs recovery

If you’re working for a small business, pat yourself on the back. You’re leading the pack in the effort to get people back to work.
Yeah, we heard about the unemployment rate rising to 9.8%. But if there’s one positive sign, it’s that small- to medium-sized businesses — the backbone of the economy — are starting to hire.
According to payroll service provider ADP, which keeps track of hiring trends across the country, the U.S. created 93,000 new jobs in the private sector in November.
How’d those jobs break down? Take a look:

  • Small businesses — those with 1-49 employees — added 54,000 workers
  • Medium-sized firms — 50-499 workers — added 37,000, and
  • Large businesses added a paltry 2,000.

The services sector accounted for 79,000 of the jobs filled in November. Goods-producing industries had 14,000.
For a full look at the ADP report, go here.