Employee education: What do execs really want?

What single quality would your company like to instill in employees through your training programs?
According to more than half (54%) of senior executives polled in a recent survey, the answer’s simple: Leadership.
Other knowledge and skill gaps execs would like to fill through training, according to the Satell Center for Executive Education research:

  • People management (52%)
  • communication (51%)
  • strategic thinking (49%), and
  • analysis and problem-solving (49%).

How are companies currently preparing their people for senior level positions?
Half of the execs surveyed said they were involved in coaching promising candidates; 47% said they had internal training programs.
Another 25% said they’d gone outside the organization for training resources.
Finally, the 1,400 participating execs were asked to rate specific training topics. The top finishers:

  • 9 Ways to Increase the Leadership Potential of Front-line Managers — 47%
  • 10 Ways to Groom Your Top Performers — 40%
  • 21 Individual Development Plan Questions and Answers — 31%, and
  • 4 Keys to Effective Succession Planning — 26%.