What not to tell co-workers

What do these three things have in common: Religion, politics and matters of the heart?
They are three items on CareerBuilder.com’s list of “13 things to keep to yourself at work.”
Those three should be (we know, it’s not always the case) among the most obvious things that people shouldn’t talk about at work.
But there are some other less obvious suggestions that we like of things on the don’t-talk-about-this-at-work list:

  • Your privileged life. Despite what some people obviously believe, the rest of us aren’t interested in your latest hobnobbing with the A-list or how difficult it is to find a really good company to clean your Olympic-size pool.
  • Your Chris Rock routine. Comedians get paid to be edgy, daring and often offensive. Stand-up comics at work get disciplined or fired.
  • Online venting Web sites. Posting something online for the world to see that’s critical of your employer or co-workers is questionable enough. Letting your co-workers know about what you’ve posted is just plain stupid.

The complete list is online here.
Do you have something to add to this list? Or a story about how someone sunk themselves by talking about one of these items? Let us know in the Comments Box below.