Who wants a promotion? No one, apparently

Is your company full of ambitious employees who are eager to take on more responsibility and move up the corporate ladder? If so, consider yourself lucky.
More than three quarters (77%) of employees wouldn’t want their boss’s job, according to a recent survey by OfficeTeam.
Why not? Many feel they don’t have the right skills to be the boss. When asked if they thought they could do a better job than their supervisor, only 33% said yes.
That statistic may sound good to a boss with a frail ego, but the findings are bad news for employers. Most employees aren’t content to stay in the same job forever — so if they don’t want to be promoted, they may just be waiting until they can take a higher-level job somewhere else.
What can be done?
One thing experts recommend: Have bosses lead by example. If managers always appear stressed and overworked, it’s no wonder their employees won’t want the gig.
Also, one way to increase responsibility for higher performers, other than a promotion to the managerial level: Cross-train them in areas they’re knowledgable or interested in. That makes the employees more versatile and can be a cost-effective way to deal with a staffing shortage.