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One option that could save companies 5% on salaries

Looking to shave more off your salary budget? Offer this to more employees: 

Let ’em have the option to work from home one or two days per week.

One in five (21%) of employees say they’d accept a 5% pay cut to work from home one to two days per week, according to a recent survey by Citrix Online.

Another idea: When you can’t budge on pay, telecommuting options can be an effective negotiation tool with new hires who’re looking for incentives.

Click here view a brief summary of the Citrix Online survey.

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  1. If employees are accepting less pay to work from home, would the subliminal message be that management is also expected them to produce less from home? Hmmm …

  2. Two days-maybe – Winter, definately! Most “good” workers get more done at home without the distractions. I’d go for it.

  3. No I would not think that management is expecting them to produce less. Hopefully the employee would recognize the fact that they are saving money. Gas for the car would be one, not to mention if your not a morning person you can sleep in and start your day a little later. And how many times a week because you are rushed to get out of the house do you not pack lunch and buy fast food? This would not be a problem if you work from home. There are certainly a lot more benefits, and I don’t believe that one of them is management is expecting less work.

  4. OK, nearly 2 months late in posting a reply, but here goes:
    PRinVA and Carol are completely on the right track. About 5 or 6 years ago, one of those news magazines, like 20/20 or PrimeTime did a story on a family where both spouses worked – one worked a full-time, plus a part-time job, one worked a full-time job and between the commuting, the day care, the meals out and utilities (their house ran 24/7 basically), they were losing $15,000 a year in expenses. It was outrageous! I’ll always remember the bottom line, because at the time I was a stay@home mom because of the cost of day care – it was cheaper for me to stay@home than to work to pay for day care.
    So, it makes sense that in the course of a month, 5% off my paycheck will probably net me twice that in savings per month in household expenses for day care, gas and meals out. Less wear and tear, less stress, and my kids come home to me a couple a times a week – hey and dinner! Who wouldn’t want that?

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