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Patriots-loving HR pro fires Giants fan for ‘the Tom Brady incident’

When a New York City underwriter walked past a life-sized poster of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in his Manhattan office, little did he know it would set off a chain off events that would eventually lead to his termination.

As the New York Post reports, 37-year-old Solomon Chu, an underwriter for National Debt Relief and rabid New York Giants fan, thought the giant poster of Tom Brady in the lobby of his workplace was simply there as a prank to get a rise out of folks.

After all, they were in New York, so why else would something like that be there? Chu reasoned.

Following that misguided logic and doing what he believed was a favor for his fellow Giants and Jets fans, Chu ripped down the poster and threw it in the trash.

HR’s affinity for Brady, Patriots

Unfortunately for Chu, the poster was not only not a prank, it had also belonged to National Debt Relief’s head of HR, Joanne Murray, a huge fan of Brady and the Patriots.

The day after destroying the Brady shrine, Chu was brought into Murray’s office for questioning.

While showing him the surveillance video, Murray asked Chu, “Did you think you were going to get away with this?”

Chu apologized profusely for the misunderstanding, explained how he thought the poster was a joke and even offered to pay $50 to replace the poster.

Later that night, he even sent another apology to Murray that stated:

“Again, I’m terribly sorry. I sincerely believed it was a prank and treated it as such. There was no intent to be malicious or underhanded … I’ve made an order to replace your property with expedited delivery.”

The efforts seemed to help some, and Chu did manage to get another meeting with HR. However, despite his best efforts, the company decided to fire him “due to the Tom Brady incident.”

Chu told the New York Post he feels “wronged” by the termination, claiming he had been a model employee who just received a performance bonus and had a perfect score on his customer-service calls. In the end, he blamed Murray’s affinity for the Patriots for his termination.

“Patriots fans are crazy. Boston fans are known for their fanaticism, but this lady took it too far out of Boston,” Chu said.



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  1. Ishkabibble says:

    It does sound a bit absurd that he lost his job but i hardly believe it was solely the decision of Ms. Murray. On the other hand, who the heck just walks by a poster in the lobby of your building and tears it down? What he did was dumb; real dumb.

  2. What kind of tool brings that into an office? The whole place seems to be infested with morons.

  3. jeannieP55 says:

    There has to be another reason for firing him. That alone is not a sufficient reason. Ms. Murray should be reprimanded for inciting a possible riot (said in jest). She, of all people, should know to remain neutral regarding things like high profile sports events, elections, religious events, etc. Did she put a life-sized cut-out of Jesus in the lobby? Of course not.

  4. Why should an employee be able to put personal effects in the lobby. Terminate the HR Manager for inappropriate behavior!

  5. Gloria Small says:

    Why was she putting it in the company’s lobby?AND she WAS IN NY! I can’t imagine what response she expected. SHE needs to be terminated. I can’t believe he didn’t take the company to court for an obvious malfeasance by the HR person. I mean, she is the person heading your HR department?!

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