ADA & FMLA: How Long is too Long for Leave?


When employees have used up all their FMLA, and ask for even more leave under ADA, what can you do? What legal actions, if any, can you take, and just how far do the employees’ rights extend?

Requests for additional leave after FMLA is exhausted is a big headache for HR. It’s important to understand – and stay ahead – of the changing rules regarding medical leave. We’re here to help! In this expert-led webinar event you’ll learn how to legally and effectively respond to requests for additional leave, and gain a clear understanding of the EEOC’s guidelines. Join us to discover:

  • Steps you can take to prevent FMLA abuse
  • How FMLA & ADA interact and why it matters
  • When you can legally deny a request for additional leave
  • Documentation needed to keep you out of court
  • Employer’s responsibility for providing reasonable accommodations

Program Highlights

The Relationship Between FMLA, ADA and Workers’ Compensation

  • How the FMLA and ADA interact – and what to do when both apply
  • Bringing an employee back to work without violating employee rights
  • ADA considerations when reviewing requests for additional leave
  • When EEOC’s definition of “reasonable accommodation” conflict with
  • ADA-FMLA-Workers’ Compensation triangles

Protect Your Company from Legal Backlash: Let the Law Guide You

  • Top FMLA & ADA mistakes that land employers in hot water
  • Know your company’s abilities in terms of curbing FMLA abuse
  • What is a “serious health condition” and what the courts are saying about it
  • What to do when both the FMLA and ADA apply
  • Undue hardship and “indefinite” leave: When can an employer deny a request to leave?
  • Special considerations for mental health conditions

Program Benefits

Join us and legal expert, Shiloh Theberge as she guides you through important employer information under the FMLA and ADA. Understand when you must extend additional leave to employees, and when you can legally deny it.

About the Speaker

Shiloh Theberge has appeared before a number of federal and state agencies throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic. In addition, she has counseled and trained clients on a wide variety of state and federal employment laws. Shiloh has litigated numerous cases on behalf of management in the federal and state courts of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut, involving:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful discharge
  • Wage and hour laws
  • Disability and reasonable accommodations
  • Family and medical leave laws

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ADA & FMLA: How Long is too Long for Leave?

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