Managing Millennials: Attract & Retain this Growing Generation

With the millennial generation now the largest in the workforce, it’s imperative that you understand what motivates and drives them. Millennials aren’t just seeking a paycheck, but also want a career that fosters engagement and provides a healthy work/life balance. How can you realistically meet the expectations of this growing group while also minimizing cross-generational conflict? Join us for our live, dynamic program to learn:

  • Keys to managing millennials vs. other generations: What’s the difference?
  • How to leverage outstanding contributions only a millennial can make
  • Strategies to reach & engage millennials: The digital world & connectivity
  • What makes them tick: Understanding millennial values & misconceptions

Program Highlights

  • Millennials vs previous generations: Adjusting your management style
  • Managing in a millennial’s environment: Shift to reflect the new standard
  • Recognize the contributions millennials can make – utilize your assets
  • What it takes to supervise millennials in today’s fast paced, digital world
  • Attract & retain top talent: Stay relevant, capitalize on opportunities
  • Strategies to ensure your team is engaged, productive, & committed!
  • Tips to drive millennial talent: Community impact, meaningful work & more
  • Yesterday’s rewards no don’t work: Effective motivational tips for today
  • Keys to giving feedback to millennials – without any backlash

Live Question & Answer Session – Have your questions answered by the expert!

Program Benefits

Join expert, Shawn Casemore, for this 60-minute webinar to discover strategies to manage, motivate & use millennials to lead your organization to success.

About the Speaker

Shawn Casemore is the president of Casemore and Co where he works with leaders who want to increase their influence in the workplace:

  • For nearly 20 years, Shawn Casemore has been helping organizations improve their operational performance.
  • Some of his delighted clients include Magna International, Arvin Meritor, Bellwyck Packaging Solutions, and Bruce Power. Shawn is a highly sought after national speaker and writer.
  • His forthcoming book from McGraw Hill entitled “Operational Empowerment: Collaborate, Innovate and Engage to Beat the Competition”, due out in December, will become the must have tool for executives to create more powerful communities of productive and engaged employees.

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Managing Millennials: Attract & Retain this Growing Generation

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