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Why Good People Jump Ship And What You Can Do To Keep Them

Good employees – the ones who are engaged, productive, and look forward to coming to work each day – are a hot commodity. There just aren’t enough of them to go around, and competitive organizations find a way to steal the best and brightest. Your challenge is to keep them engaged and avoid having a revolving door that lowers morale and eats away at productivity, efficiency and profit.

The Solution: "Why Good People Jump Ship And What You Can Do to Keep Them" 

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What Our Customers Say

It provides me with real-life problems - ones that happen in many companies - and gives great descriptions and examples on how to handle them.
Joseph Velatti,
HR Manager,
It reminds me of the to-do and must-do items. It sharpens my skills and provides great advice.
Connie Eggleston,
HR Manager,
Farmers State Bank of Calhan
The issues are presented in straightforward, understandable language.
Dan Whitehead,
Montezuma Water Company

Keys to Identifying Root Causes of Turnover

  • Top 5 reasons good employees leave
  • 4 management styles that drive people nuts – and out the door
  • Closing the gaps between employee expectations and reality
  • Evaluating compensation, benefits and work/life balance

This fast-read report delivers actionable tactics you can start using today to create the kind of work environment people want to be part of.

Retention Tactics That Work

  • 8-step growth and development plan for keeping high-performing staff
  • 5 essential elements of effective recognition programs
  • 7-point checklist for tailoring your workplace to accommodate changing lifestyles
  • 12 questions to ask when evaluating your employee recognition efforts
  • 3 key questions to ask employees


Retention Starts With Good Recruiting and Hiring 

  • 4 character traits of good candidates
  • Your best source for potential hires (Hint: you don’t have to look far)
  • 6 real-life examples of companies that made a difference through retention of good employees

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Why Good People Jump Ship And What You Can Do To Keep Them

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