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It’s time to step up your recruiting and motivation game (INFOGRAPHIC)

New research says employees expect a lot from HR when it comes to employee recruiting and motivation. And if staffers don’t get it? They’re jumping ship — even if they otherwise love their job. 

The proof: More than half of employees would consider leaving a job they’re happy in if another company approached them in an innovative way.

And almost 65% of those who are happy in their job would leave if they were offered innovative benefits by another firm.

That’s according to the recently released Futurestep Innovation Imperative report.

What do researchers mean by “innovative?” Things that involve change, improvement and forward thinking.

In other words, according to researchers, if you’re not consistently finding new and exciting ways to bring in new employees and keep the best ones you have engaged, you might be well on the way to a turnover and retention problem.

Got any good engagement ideas?

Some other relevant results from the global survey of more than 4,000 workers and 800 recruitment and talent management professionals:

  • Employees would look for a new job if promises of change in how they are engaged and developed failed to materialize, with 52% of those looking to leave after just six months.
  • Over 80% of workers expect companies to wow employees when it comes to engagement and recruiting methods.
  • Nearly 80% of staff said they’d perform better on the job if their firms came up with interesting ways to keep them engaged.
  • Over 75% of HR pros agree that finding new ways to recruit and manage talent is crucial, and
  • Over 75% confirmed their organization should be doing more to demonstrate innovation.

For more info on getting employees engaged, check out our recent special report, “How managers can move workers from ‘transactional’ to ‘engaged’

Check out the full infographic below:Innovation

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