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Rethinking employee engagement: 2 seldom-used tactics to lift morale

If you’re having trouble with employee engagement, you’re not alone.

More than half of U.S. workers (63%) said they weren’t engaged at work, according to “Trends in Global Employee Engagement Study” by Aon Hewitt.

Stats like these can keep HR pros up at night. And for good reason — many firms are spending a lot of time and resources on the whole employee engagement issue.

If the standard tactics just are keeping your staff engaged, there are other options.

Hierarchy, recognition tweaks

The leadership experts over at 15Five, an inter-company employee feedback firm, recently issued the report “7 More Fascinating Employee Engagement Trends For 2017.” Here are two of our favorite trends.

See if you can add these to your workplace to boost engagement:

  1. Tweak your organizational chart. Of course, having some type of organizational hierarchy is a must. But plenty of employers are having success by de-emphasizing the traditional top-down structure.
    Key to success here: Allowing teams to work cross-departmentally. This helps all staffers see where they fit into the big-picture and helps them to influence long-term company goals.
  2. Do more with recognition. How important is regular recognition for employees? Two-thirds of workers who said they hadn’t received any recognition in the last seven days said they were likely to leave their employer. With stats like that, it’s worth reviewing your current recognition program to see if there’s room to increase how often you call out staffers for a job well done.
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  1. I agree that recognition can go a long way. I worked for a company that instituted a book program. You could select books from the company library and receive recognition and awards upon reading a certain number of titles. This was a win-win though, because most of those books were influential in improving the employees work or personal life by providing tips on workplace skills such as time management and working with others. I thought it was an excellent way to provide an employee with recognition for seeking to better themselves.

  2. Ronald Cluck says:

    Good reading! A completely engaged employee will go the additional mile since they think about the organization’s well-being. They put their whole personality, body and soul into work.

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